Activision Blizzard

$ 94 (0.03)%
Share price
$ 74 bn
Market Cap
$ 64 bn
Enterprise Value

Carbon footprint

0.36 Ton
GHG emissions per $ 1 mln investment
0.01x the weighted average for S&P 500
How is this calculated?

Primary Climate Goal

Proj. YOY change in GHG emissions (all Scopes)
Weaker than the -6.5% weighted average for S&P 500
How is this calculated?

Activision Blizzard aims to achieve net zero for all Scopes by 2050

This target has not been verified as science based according to SBTi
Activision Blizzard's actual and proj. GHG emissions (all Scopes) (Kt of CO2e)

GHG emissions and Carbon intensity

Activision Blizzard's GHG emissions (location-based) (Kt of CO2e)

Activision Blizzard's carbon footprint

Company environmental metrics

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